Saving the EARTH one diamond at a TIME

Dec 7th 2019

Saving the EARTH one diamond at a TIME

Ethical Considerations

An Ecological gift to the world

We all know that mining can seriously pollute the soil, water and air.

Lab Grown Diamonds are created by sustainable science in a modern laboratory.


Mined diamonds are sometimes used to finance regional wars. Lab Grown Diamonds

can proudly promise that their gems are conflict-free.

Certified Integrity

Every engagement diamond receives a detailed grading certificate from the Independent

Gemological Institute (IGI), the world's largest gem certification and appraisal firm. 

Each diamond is graded on the 4Cs: cut, color, clarity and carat weight.


Our Choices Reflect Our Values

To give or receive exceptionally beautiful diamonds is one of life's most romantic pleasures.

   That these wonderful Lab-Grown gemstones can now stand free and clear of ecological

concern and human conflict is a great source of pride and honor for a lifetime. 

For Centuries the Diamond has been the jewel of choice to express love, devotion 

and the promise of a beautiful life together. 

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