7 stone diamond s sapphire ring 14k gold

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7 stone diamonds sapphire and LabGrown Diamond GH SI 3/8ct t.w.set in 14k gold

3 diamond = .15ct 

4 sappire  =.25

































GH SI ring 14k gold

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The name “Lab-grown” covers many other terms related to diamonds including “Man-made,” “Cultured,” “Synthetic,” “Cultivated”, etc. A lab-grown diamond is made through a controlled process, whereas a mined diamond is produced by geological processes or an imitation/fake diamond that is made of non-carbon material that looks alike to a real diamond.

Lab grown diamonds are actual diamonds consisting actual carbon atoms. They contribute all the eccentric attributes of natural diamonds - physical and chemical properties, but most importantly the same crystalline allure of a natural diamond.

Click Here to learn more about Eco-Friendly labgrown Diamonds.

7 stone diamond s sapphire ring 14k gold


7 stone diamond s sapphire ring 14k gold

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